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An Introduction to the FireChatbot ecosystem.

FireChatbot Overview

FireChatbot is an AI Chatbot, that autonomously builds & maintains itself. You can set it up in just a few minutes and it will access the knowledge from your website and text files to answer any type of questions your website's users will ask it.


Your Chatbot will be implemented into your website using a script tag. It will connect to your specific account, get your design and connect to your knowledge base by using your custom UID, which will be included inside the script tag.

Every time a user opens your website, the script tag will load the code to display your chatbot and connect to the FireChatbot server, which hosts the AI model, that answers your user's questions, as well as the Knowledge Base. The script tag has to be implemented on every page on your website, where the chatbot should be displayed.

AI Model

FireChatbot uses a Mixtral 8x7b Large Language Model by Mistral to answer questions. This is a highly capable and very compact model, that produces high quality answers with very high inference speed.

To get to a speed of 450 words per seconds, the model runs on Language Processing Units by groq, which are a new type of hardware, that is optimized for language processing. This allows the model to answer questions in real-time.

Knowledge Base

FireChatbot comes with a Knowledge Base, that stores the knowledge your chatbot can access to answer questions. Knowledge can be stored in form of websites or text files. Every time a user asks your chatbot a question, FireChatbot will query your knowledge base before answering to get the relevant context. The memory size of your knowledge base depends on your subscription.

All pages inside your Knowledge Base will be automatically updated every 48 hours to ensure, that your Chatbot always stays up-to-date. You can also manually update your Knowledge Base at any time.

Get Started

Let's get started with setting up your FireChatbot.

Implement your Chatbot

Click on the "Implement Bot" Button on the bottom of the navigation bar inside your Dashboard. It will open up a window, that displays a script tag, that contains your Chatbot ID. You copy & paste this script tag to the bottom of the body of every page on your website, that should display the Chatbot.

Implement with Content Security Policy

If you use a Content Security Policy on your website, you have to add the following CSP to your website's HTTP header or <meta> tag to allow the Chatbot to work properly:

No Credit Card

Start for free without entering your Credit Card information.

3 Month Trial

FireChatbot Nano, Pro and Ultra come with a 3 Month Free Trial.

All-in-one Pass

Access to AI models & Knowledge Base are included.

Make it Yours

Design every aspect of your Chatbot to fit it to your website.

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