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FireChatbot is an AI Chatbot, that autonomously builds & maintains itself. You can set it up in just a few minutes and it will access the knowledge from your website and text files to answer any type of questions your website's users will ask it.

Builds and designs itself: Your chatbot is automatically built based on your URL and is ready to use in 5 seconds.

Updates with your website: Every time you update your website, your chatbot automatically updates with it.

Analyzes customer interactions: Align your website even better with your target audience through analysis of your users' chats.

How to implement your Chatbot


  • Start designing your Chatbot directly on the FireChatbot Homepage
  • Sign Up to FireChatbot - You will then get a Dashboard and the Chatbot you designed on the FireChatbot homepage will be moved into your account


Click on the "Implement Bot" Button on the bottom of the navigation bar inside your Dashboard. It will open up a window, that displays a script tag, that contains your Chatbot ID. You copy & paste this script tag to the bottom of the body of every page on your website, that should display the Chatbot.

Implement with Content Security Policy

If you use a Content Security Policy on your website, you have to add the following CSP to your website's HTTP header or tag to allow the Chatbot to work properly:

The FireChatbot ecosystem

The FireChatbot engine consists of a number of different systems, that allow for it's industry-leading performance, Analytics capabilities and self-maintenance to reduce the operational effort to 0, while delivering maximum performance.

FireChatbot Engine

All systems are located in Frankfurt, Germany.


Knowledge Base

  • Stores the knowledge, that your Chatbot uses to answer questions
  • Activated every time a user asks a question
  • Stores website texts & custom text documents
  • Provides infinite storage for every Chatbot

Analytics Database

  • Stores quantitative & qualitative Analytics data, that is displayed inside the Dashboard
  • Activated every time a User visits your website
  • Stores URL, referer, location of the user and counts visits & chatbot activations
  • Stores chats along with sentiment analysis
  • Does not generate any IDs or user profiles


Chat API

  • Activated every time a user asks your Chatbot a question
  • Chat history, including latest question, is sent to the API
  • Knowledge is retrieved from Knowledge Base
  • Chat history & knowledge are transferred to the AI model
  • Updated chat history is sent back to client and to Analytics Database (see previous chapter)

Config API

  • Activated every time a user vsits a website, that includes your Chatbot
  • Sends visit information to the Analytics Database (see previous chapter)
  • Retrieves your Chatbot's configuration from the Config Database

AI Models

AI Model Ecosystem

The FireChatbot engine uses a number of different AI models, depending on the amount of content on your website, the type of content, that is uploaded with a user question and current model availability. These are the models, that are used by FireChatbot:


  • Preferred for complex websites and questions
  • Preferred, if user uploads images to the Chatbot

Gemini 1.5

  • Preferred for very big websites
  • Preferred, if user uploads files

LLama 3

  • Preferred for smaller websites
  • By far the fastest model

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3 Month Trial

FireChatbot Nano, Pro and Ultra come with a 3 Month Free Trial.

All-in-one Pass

Access to AI models & Knowledge Base are included.

Make it Yours

Design every aspect of your Chatbot to fit it to your website.

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